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Beta Analytic – ASTM-D6866 Laboratory

ASTM Method D6866 is the US government approved method for determining the renewable/biobased content of natural range materials, including ethanol additives, bio-diesel additives and biobased products.

ASTM-D6866 is recognized by regulars and companies world-wide as a valid tool for quanitify the renewable carbon content of biobased products. It is routinely used by companies and organizations world-wide who need to:

    • Validate the renewable carbon content of compounds
    • Re-formulate compounds that previously were entirely petrochemical
    • Validate the renewable claims of raw material suppliers
    • Research and develop alternative products with renewable content
    • Obtain marketing data to support renewable claims
    • Obtain data to support regulatory requirements

Borrowing on the principles of radiocarbon dating, D6866 is able to determine the renewable carbon content of almost any type of material, whether it is in solid, liquid or gas form. The method provides a percentage determination of fossil carbon content versus renewable biomass carbon content of a product or fuel blend.

This method is ideally suited for the following sectors:

  1. Renewable ethanol and bio-diesel industries
  2. Biobased manufacturers
  3. Carbon credit and renewable energy markets

Ethanol / Biodiesel industries: Protecting the interests of bio-mass producers and investors investing in bio-ethanol production is paramount to the success of the domestic ethanol economy. Cheaper, synthetic ethanol produced from petroleum resources is an obvious source for dilution. Most industry leaders in this sector are unaware that synthetic ethanol is readily available from both domestic and foreign petroleum producers. Although synthetic ethanol is chemically indistinguishable from bio-ethanol, it can be directly distinguished using ASTM Method D6866.

Biobased manufacturers: Executive Order 13101 and the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 mandate that the federal government give preference to biobased products in its procurement efforts. The USDA is in charge of the oversight and implementation of this program. ASTM Method D6866 is the designated means to identify the biobased content of manufactured products and is the basis upon which the US government relies upon in support of manufacturers claims. All biobased products to be included in the USDA’s itemized procurement list are required to have D6866 certification.

Carbon credit and renewable energy markets – In response to Kyoto treaty efforts, governments throughout the world, including several states in the United States, have set up mechanisms to trade monetary credits for human derived green house gases. Of particular importance are CO2 emissions. Monetary instruments such as the Renewable Energy Certificates (ROC) in the United Kingdom allow industries to offset their CO2 emissions by buying and selling carbon certificates. ASTM method D6866 is used as a verification mechanism to attest the percentage of renewable CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere. This is of particular importance for industries such as the electricity producers that consume biomass material and to monetary agencies needing verification of fossil CO2 emissions.